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Radiation-induced obturator nerve injury in cervical cancer
Radhika Manne, Parth Thakkar, Jasmine Zheng
Cancer itself can have lifelong devastating effects, but radiation treatment can often also result in long-lasting neurological and musculoskeletal complications, leading to subsequent severe functional impairments. Physiatrists caring for the cancer rehabilitation population must be able to recognize and treat radiation-induced peripheral nerve in-juries. This report presents a rare case of radia ...
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Production time and user satisfaction of 3-dimensional printed orthoses for chronic hand conditions compared with conventional orthoses: A prospective case series
Tanja Oud, Yvette Kerkum, Peter de Groot, Harm Gijsbers, Frans Nollet, Merel-Anne Brehm
Objective: Hand orthoses are often prescribed for persons with chronic hand and wrist impairments. This study assessed the feasibility, in terms of production time and user satisfaction, of 3-dimensional printed hand orthoses compared with conventional hand orthoses for this population. Methods: In this prospective case series, both a conventional hand orthosis and a 3-dimensional printed hand o ...
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