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  • Review: Effectiveness of neuromuscular electrical stimulation for reducing oedema
    Louise C. Burgess, Tikki Immins, Ian Swain, Thomas W. Wainwright
  • Special report: Academic debate on ICF and a theory of social productivity
    Carlotte Kiekens, Jean-Pierre Didier, Antti Malmivaara, Stefano Negrini, Christoph Gutenbrunner
  • Impact of pituitary dysfunction on outcome after traumatic brain injury and aneurysmal subarachnoid haemorrhage
    Anna Tölli, Charlotte Höybye, Bo-Michael Bellander, Jörgen Borg
  • Return to work after indisciplinary pain rehabilitation
    Marcelo Rivano-Fischer, Elisabeth B. Persson, Britt-Marie Stålnacke, Marie-Louise Schult, Monika Löfgren
  • Upper extremity performance with a soft-robotic glove in elderly patients
    Anne van Ommeren , Bob Radder, Anke I. R. Kottink, Jaap Buurke, Gerdienke B. Prange-Lasonder, Hans Rietman
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EDITORIAL - 2018-12-20
Journal of Rehabilitation Medicine now only digital
Henk Stam and Kristian Borg
- 2018-01-02
A new journal is launched!

The Journal of Rehabilitation Medicine launches a new journal: Journal of Rehabilitation Medicine-Clinical Communications In January 2018 the Journal of Rehabilitation Medicine (JRM) has launched a new journal: Journal of Rehabilitation Medicine – Clinical Communications (JRM–CC). See link: JRM-CC
From current issue: 4 (51)
Return to work after interdisciplinary pain rehabilitation: One- and two-year follow-up based on the Swedish Quality Registry for Pain rehabilitation
Marcelo Rivano Fischer, Elisabeth B. Persson, Britt-Marie Stålnacke, Marie-Louise Schult, Monika Löfgren
Objectives: To investigate: (i) changes in sick-leave benefits from 1 year prior to multimodal rehabilitation to 1 and 2 years after rehabilitation; (ii) sex differences in sick leave; and (iii) the impact of policy changes on sick leave. Methods: All patients undergoing multimodal rehabilitation registered in a national pain database for 2007-11 (n=7,297) were linked to the Swedish Social Insur ...
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Volume 45, Issue 6
When is a research question not a research question?
Nancy E. Mayo, Miho Asano, Skye Pamela Barbic
Volume 44, Issue 3
Activity limitations before and after surgical carpal tunnel release among patients with and without diabetes
Ragnhild I. Cederlund, Lars B. Dahlin, Niels O. B. Thomsen
Volume 48, Issue 8
Functional recovery after stroke in Benin: A six-month follow-up study
Oyéné Kossi, Charles Sèbiyo Batcho, Thierry Adoukonou, Jean-Louis Thonnard
Volume 48, Issue 3
Effects of neuromuscular electrical stimulation and low-level laser therapy on neuromuscular parameters and health status in elderly women with knee osteoarthritis: A randomized trial
Mônica de Oliveira Melo, Klauber Dalcero Pompeo, Bruno Manfredini Baroni, Marco Aurélio Vaz
Sexual health policies in stroke rehabilitation: A multi-national study
Jannike K. Vikan, Marie I. Nilsson, Tamara Bushnik, Wanying Deng, Khamis Elessi, Yael Frost-Bareket, Elena Kovregina, Jeries Shahwan, Hildegun Snekkevik, Elisabet Åkesson, Johan K. Stanghelle, Kerstin S. Fugl-Meyer
Comorbidity has no impact on unplanned discharge or functional gains in persons with dysvascular amputation
Raymond Cheng, Sean Smith, Claire Z. Kalpakjian
Comparing memory group training and computerized cognitive training for improving memory function following stroke: A phase II randomized controlled trial
Toni D. Withiel, Dana Wong, Jennifer L. Ponsford, Dominique A. Cadilhac , Peter New, Tijana Mihaljcic, Renerus J. Stolwyk
Safety and efficacy of recovery-promoting drugs for motor function after stroke: A systematic review of randomized controlled trials
Nerida Firth, Ruth N. Barker, Kathryn S. Hayward, Julie Bernhardt, Michelle Bellingan, Ronny Gunnarsson

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