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Early prognosis of stroke outcome by means of Katz Index of activities of daily living
Asberg KH, Nydevik I.
The predictive validity of Katz' Index of ADL (Activities of Daily Living) regarding length of hospital stay, discharge to own home or death within one month, and its reproducibility in clinical practice was studied prospectively in Södertälje and in Enköping, Sweden. The Södertälje study included 124 consecutive patients, who were all assessed on days 5-7 after stroke by an occupational ther ...
Pages: 187-191
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Assessment of activities of daily living in the elderly. A study of a population of 76-year-olds in Gothenburg, Sweden
Sonn U, Asberg KH
The cumulative structure of personal daily activities (Katz' Index of ADL) and four well-defined instrumental activities (cooking, transportation, shopping, and cleaning) have been studied in a population of 76-year-olds (N = 659) in Gothenburg, Sweden. Sixty-five percent of the population were independent, 22% were dependent in instrumental activities, and 13% were dependent in both instrumental ...
Pages: 193-202
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Standardization of grip strength measurements. Effects on repeatability and peak force
Spijkerman DC, Snijders CJ, Stijnen T, Lankhorst GJ
The aim of our study was to test grip strength and assess the effects of various degrees of standardization on repeatability and level of peak force. Sixteen healthy persons and eight subjects with an impaired hand function have been tested using a strain-gauge dynamometer. We compared four measurement protocols: (A) the subject is free to assume a comfortable arm position; (B) the subject is also ...
Pages: 203-206
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The influence of functional electrical stimulation on the properties of vastus lateralis fibres following total knee arthroplasty
Martin TP, Gundersen LA, Blevins FT, Coutts RD
The influence of functional electrical muscle stimulation (FES) on selected properties of vastus lateralis muscle fibres was studied in patients recovering from total knee arthroplasty for osteoarthritis. Prior to surgery, on the average, muscle biopsies from the vastus lateralis could be characterized as having a predominance of Type I fibres which were significantly larger in cross-sectional are ...
Pages: 207-210
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A placebo controlled trial of ultrasound therapy in chronic leg ulceration
Eriksson SV, Lundeberg T, Malm M.
A controlled study of the effects of ultrasound on healing chronic leg ulcers was carried out in conjunction with standard treatment on 38 patients divided randomly into two groups. All patients received standard treatment (paste impregnated bandage and a self-adhesive elastic bandage plus placebo ultrasound or ultrasound (1. 0 watt/cm2 at 1 MHz, for 10 min) twice weekly for 8 weeks. Percentage he ...
Pages: 211-213
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The physical and psychosocial effect of moderate osteoarthrosis of the knee
Mattsson E, Broström LA.
To illustrate both physical and psychosocial effects of moderate gonarthrosis, clinical examination of patients has been supplemented with a questionnaire SIP (Sickness Impact Profile), to describe the functional health status. Sixty patients, 35 women and 25 men, mean age 63 years, with moderate medial osteoarthrosis of the knee and no symptoms from other joints, were included in the study. The m ...
Pages: 215-218
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