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Original report

Gait evaluation in hemiparetic patients using subcutaneous peroneal electrical stimulation

Kljajić M, Malezic M, Aćimović R, Vavken E, Stanic U, Pangrsic B, Rozman J
J. Stefan Institute, Ljubljana, Slovenia
DOI: 10.2340/1650197799224121126


In hemiparetic patients with an implantable peroneal stimulator for correction of drop foot the gait pattern was studied over several years. The gait parameters and M-waves of subcutaneously stimulated muscles were compared with the results obtained before implantation and their variation was observed over time. Of a group of 35 patients with previously implanted electrodes 19 were evaluated. Significant improvements of gait were found although in some cases an excessive eversion of the foot was observed. Nine of these patients had reimplantation because of displacement of the stimulation electrodes after an average time of 3. 5 years of proper functioning of the implant. After the reimplantations, similar gait patterns and muscular responses to stimulation were observed as after the initial implantation.

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