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Original report

Isokinetic Plantar Flexion Endurance. Reliability and Validity of output/excitation Measurements

A R Fugl-Meyer, B Gerdle, B E Eriksson, B Jonsson
DOI: 10.2340/1650197785174752


The reliability and validity of isokinetic measurement of plantar flexion endurance has been studied by a method previously described by us which utilizes simultaneous measurements of mechanical contractional work (CW) and integrated electromyogram (iEMG). The reliability was gauged by test/re-test with a two year's interval; while validity was assessed by myoelectric power spectrum analyses. The output/input balance (CW/iEMG) remained unchanged for the group as well as inter-individually. Changes in myoelectric power spectrum as function of number of contractions were clearly indicative of fatigue. Under the present conditions fatigue of fast twitch motor units may explain the rapid decreases in output and excitation followed by nearly steady state levels of all registered parameters. As is the case for non-fatigued isokinetic plantar flexions, the motor unit recruitment order appears quite stereotyped during plantar flexion fatigue. The findings of significantly lower mean power spectrum during the first part of each contraction than during the second part may support the size-principle described by Henneman.

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