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Original report

Compression Bandage in the Treatment of Ankle Sprains. A Comparative Prospective Study

F Linde, I Hvass, U Jürgensen, F Madsen
DOI: 10.2340/1650197784177179


The value of a compression bandage applied for 4 days following ankle sprains was assessed in a comparative study. The effect of the treatment was evaluated by changes in an inflammatory score based on a combination of subjective (pain, function) and objective (swelling, limitation of movement, pain on passive movement) factors. The study included two consecutive series each of 50 patients treated with a compression bandage, and untreated. There was no significant difference in the reduction of the inflammatory score from start to the fourth day (0. 5 less than p less than 0. 6) or from start to the eighth day (0. 1 less than p less than 0. 2) between the group treated with compression bandage and the untreated group. Analysis of the individual factors included in the inflammatory score demonstrated no difference in the course of pain, function, swelling, or limitation of movement between the two groups.

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