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Original report

Information and Regime at Low Back Pain

S Lindequist, B Lundberg, R Wikmark, B Bergstad, G Lööf, A C Ottermark
DOI: 10.2340/165019778416113116


In a consecutive series of 56 District Health patients with low back pain, 24 had special training and instructions in a Back School, while the 32 in a control group--even if seen regularly, did not get the same intense attention. The two groups were found to have the same characteristics. No significant differences could be demonstrated either concerning the initial duration of symptoms and sick leave or the number of recurrences and their duration during the observation year. The interpretation of this lack of positive effect is, that in this comparatively more heterogenous population the actual procedure has less influence. However, there were more patients with periods of sick-leave for different other reasons in the control group. Not surprisingly the treated group of patients were also more satisfied. We therefore conclude, that the initial treatment could be limited to advice about back care, preferably a few days bed-rest, with concrete advice about the back and prescriptions for analgesics when needed.

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