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Quality of life assessment: its integration in rehabilitation care through a model of daily living

van Dijk AJ.
Outpatient Department, Het Roessingh Centre for Rehabilitation, Enschede, The Netherlands. E-mail:
DOI: 10.2340/1650197732104110


To integrate quality of life assessment with rehabilitation care, some correspondence is required between the concepts of quality of life and of rehabilitation. A notion of quality of life is presented in which quality is conceived as degree of goodness, and life as daily living. Rehabilitation is considered both a process of adaptation and assistance to that process. These notions of quality of life and of rehabilitation can together be operationalized through a model of daily living. An individual's appraisal of his own situation in relation to adaptation can be explained, assuming a hierarchy of internal standards. Explaining appraisal by others requires external standards. Both types of appraisal are important grounds for decisions regarding assistance. In addition, general ideas on justification of rehabilitation as assistance may influence such decisions. The model integrates both objective and subjective appraisal and ideas on justification into rehabilitation, thereby offering opportunities for theoretical underpinning of the practice.

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