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Shear stress measured on beds and wheelchairs

R H Goossens, C J Snijders, T G Holscher, W C Heerens, A E Holman
Erasmus University Rotterdam, Faculty of Medicine, Department of Biomedical Physics and Technology, The Netherlands.
DOI: 10.2340/16501977199729131136


Local shear is understood to be one of the principal risk factors for the development of pressure sores. There is a need for a small deformable sensor that can measure the shear force between skin and deformable materials without disturbing the shear phenomenon. In the present study a new shear sensor is introduced with a contact area of 4. 05 cm2. A series of validation experiments was performed with ten healthy young subjects. It was demonstrated that with a forward-tilted seat, the sum of the local shear forces between skin and sensormat is equal to the resultant shear force measured with a force plate. This result serves as a validation of the new sensor. The shear values recorded are 4. 8 kPa in the longitudinal direction and 8. 5 kPa in the transversal direction while sitting in a wheelchair, and 5. 6 kPa in the longitudinal direction and 3. 1 kPa in the transversal direction on a mattress of a hospital bed, while in sitting position in bed.

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