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Connection between smoking and back pain--findings from an Icelandic general population study

Líndal E, Stefánsson JG.
Department of Psychiatry, National University Hospital, Reykjavik, Iceland.
DOI: 10.2340/1650197719962813338


The association between pain in general, back pain and smoking was studied in a sample of subjects from the general public (n = 862). The results show that smoking men had pain problems more frequently than women (p < 0. 0001). In comparison with non-smokers, smokers were found to have back pains more frequently (p < 0. 01). Male smokers were also found to have a higher frequency of intervertebral disc problems than female smokers (p < 0. 009). The frequency of disc problems encountered by the smoking subjects indicates a possible connection between smoking and back pain.

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