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Original report

Reduced blood flow in fibromyotic muscles during ultrasound therapy

P Klemp, B Staberg, J Korsgård, H V Nielsen, P Crone
DOI: 10.2340/165019771983152123


The muscle blood flow (MBF) in m. trapezius was studied in 7 subjects with fibromyotic pain syndrome before and during treatment with ultrasound (1 Watt/cm2) and during placebo treatment, using the local 133Xe-washout technique. MBF in the fibromyotic muscles was significantly reduced during ultrasound treatment (p less than 0. 05) compared to the blood flow before the treatment and during placebo treatment 1. 57 +/- SEM 0. 52 and 2. 51 +/- SEM 0. 43 ml/100 g/min, respectively. In 6 normal trapezius muscles the mean MBF was 2. 30 +/- SEM 0. 44 ml/100 g/min before ultrasound treatment and 2. 31 +/- SEM 0. 41 ml/100 g/min during ultrasound therapy. MBF decreased in a lidocaine blocked fibromyotic muscle during ultrasound treatment while no effect on MBF was detectable during ultrasonic treatment a normal lidocaine pretreated muscle. It is concluded that ultrasound treatment decreases MBF in fibromyotic muscles and that this is paradoxical effect of ultrasound might be due to a direct effect on the vessels or a local release of vasoactive substances in the fibromyotic muscles.

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