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Original report

Knee-ankle-foot orthoses for treating posterior knee pain resulting from genu recurvatum: Efficiency, patients' tolerance and satisfaction

Benoit Requier, Laurent Bensoussan, Julien Mancini, Alain Delarque, Jean Michel Viton, Marjorie Kerzoncuf
MPR, CHU Timone, 13005 Marjseille, France
DOI: 10.2340/16501977-2333


Objective: To assess the efficiency of knee-ankle-foot orthoses for treating painful genu recurvatum, and to determine users’ tolerance and satisfaction.
Patients: Patients included in the study had a genu recurvatum during the stance phase, confirmed by a medical doctor on physical examination. A total of 27 patients with 31 knee-ankle-foot orthoses were included.
Methods: The main outcome was scored on a verbal numerical rating scale (VNRS) before and at least 3 months after a knee-ankle-foot orthosis was fitted, and scored on a verbal numerical pain rating scale (VRS). Secondary outcomes were rated with the Quebec User Evaluation of Satisfaction with assistive Technology (QUEST).
Results: After fitting the knee-ankle-foot orthosis, the median VNRS pain score decreased from 85/100 to 25/100 (p ≤ 0. 001) and the description of pain on the VRS decreased from “extreme” to “mild” (p ≤ 0. 001). The QUEST total score was 4. 0.
Conclusion: Treating a painful genu recurvatum with a knee-ankle-foot orthosis reduced the pain efficiently whatever the patients’ diagnosis, and high scores were obtained for patients’ satisfaction.

Lay Abstract

Knee recurvatum, defined as hyperextension of the knee greater than 5°, can cause posterior knee pain. The spontaneous evolution of this condition is progressive wear of the posterior structures, leading to increased laxity and pain. Using a knee-ankle-foot orthosis may reduce pain and limit evolution of the condition. This study of 27 patients fitted with a knee-ankle-foot orthosis for knee recurvatum found a decrease in pain whatever the patients’ diagnosis, and a high level of patient satisfaction and adherence with the device. The knee-ankle-foot orthosis is an interesting tool for painful knee recurvatum with good efficiency and tolerance.


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