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Rasch validation of the Activities-specific Balance Confidence Scale and its short versions in patients with Parkinson's disease

Franco Franchignoni, Andrea Giordano, Gianpaolo Ronconi, Alessia Rabini, Giorgio Ferriero
Salvatore Maugeri Foundation, IRCCS, Scientific Institute of Veruno, IT-28010 Veruno (NO), Italy. E-mail:
DOI: 10.2340/16501977-1808


Objective: To analyse in patients with Parkinson’s disease the psychometric performance of the Activities-specific Balance Confidence scale (ABC) and its 3 short versions, using both a classical test theory approach and Rasch analysis.
Methods: A sample of 217 patients with Parkinson’s disease was assessed by ABC and the 3 short versions: Berg Balance Scale, Fear of Falling Measure, and the Unified Parkinson’s Disease Rating Scale.
Results: Cronbach’s α was 0. 95 in ABC, and ranged from 0. 88 to 0. 90 in its short versions. At Rasch analysis the 11 original rating categories were collapsed to 5 levels. In ABC 15 out of 16 items fitted the Rasch model. The ABC showed high correlation only with Fear of Falling Measure (r = 0. 85), and excellent correlation with its short versions (r > 0. 93). The 3 short versions showed a limited range of item difficulty estimates, low reliability levels, floor effect, a mismatch between mean item difficulty and mean ability of the
Conclusion: In patients with Parkinson’s disease: (i) the ABC has an adequate unidimensionality; (ii) the selection of its items is satisfactory, although there is room for some minor refinement; (iii) the 0–10 rating scale should be simplified, and a 5-level response format seems able to improve the measurement qualities of the scale; (iv) the 3 short versions showed some psychometric limitations in comparison with the ABC.

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