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Outcomes of motor vehicle crashes with fracture:A pilot study of early rehabilitation interventions

Kathryn J. Brooke, Steven G. Faux, Stephen F. Wilson, Winston Liauw, Malcolm Bowman, Linda Klein
Sacred Heart Rehabilitation Service, St Vincents's Hospital, 2010 Sydney, Australia. E-mail:
DOI: 10.2340/16501977-1275


Aim: To determine the effects of early rehabilitation interventions on the physical, psychological and vocational outcomes of patients presenting to the Emergency Department with fracture resulting from a motor vehicle crash.
Method: Prospective non-randomized cohort controlled trial. Seventy-six subjects were enrolled and formed 2 groups. The control group received usual care, and the intervention group received a consultation with a rehabilitation physician and was offered pain management, physiotherapy, psychological treatment and further specialist referrals if indicated. The battery of outcome measures covering pain, psychological assessment, return to work and return to driving was performed at the same time intervals for both cohorts.
Results: Significant (p < 0. 05) improvement was seen in pain levels at 12 weeks in the intervention group compared to control group. The intervention group showed a significantly better rate of return to normal work compared to the control group.
Conclusions: Early proactive rehabilitation can benefit patients with fractures resulting from motor vehicle crashes. This pilot study suggests the need for further investigation of the recovery from fractures among such patients.

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