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Influence of vestibular rehabilitation on neck pain and cervical range of motion among patients with whiplash-associated disorder: A randomized controlled trial

Eva Ekvall Hansson, Liselott Persson, Eva Maj Malmström
Department of Clinical Sciences/Family Medicine, Lund University , SE-205 02 Malmö, Sweden. E-mail:
DOI: 10.2340/16501977-1197


Objective: To describe how vestibular rehabilitation influences pain and range of motion among patients with whiplash-associated disorder and dizziness, and to describe whether pain or range of motion correlated with balance performance or self-perceived dizziness handicap.
Subjects: A total of 29 patients, 20 women and 9 men, age range 22–76 years.
Methods: Patients with whiplash-associated disorder and dizziness were randomized to either intervention (vestibular rehabilitation) or control. Neck pain intensity, cervical range of motion (CROM), balance and self-perceived dizziness handicap were measured at baseline, 6 weeks and 3 months.
Results: There were no differences in neck pain intensity or CROM between the 2 groups either at baseline, 6 weeks or 3 months (p = 0. 10–0. 89). At baseline, neck pain intensity correlated with CROM (–0. 406) and self-perceived dizziness handicap (0. 492). CROM correlated with self-perceived dizziness handicap and with 1 balance measure (–0. 432). Neck pain intensity did not correlate with balance performance (–0. 188–0. 049).
Conclusion: Neck pain intensity and CROM was not influenced by vestibular rehabilitation. Importantly, the programme did not appear to increase pain or decrease neck motion, as initially thought. Neck pain intensity and CROM correlated with self-perceived dizziness handicap. CROM also correlated with 1 balance measure.

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