Content » Vol 41, Issue 12

Special report

The ARAMIS project: A concept robot and technical design

Lucio Colizzi, Antonio Lidonnici, Loris Pignolo
DOI: 10.2340/16501977-0407


Objective: To describe the ARAMIS (Automatic Recovery Arm Motility Integrated System) project, a concept robot applicable in the neuro-rehabilitation of the paretic upper limb after stroke.
Methods, results and conclusion: The rationale and engineering of a state-of-the-art, hardware/software integrated robot system, its mechanics, ergonomics, electric/electronics features providing control, safety and suitability of use are described. An ARAMIS prototype has been built and is now available for clinical tests. It allows the therapist to design neuro-rehabilitative (synchronous or asynchronous) training protocols in which sample exercises are generated by a single exoskeleton (operated by the patient’s unaffected arm or by the therapist’s arm) and mirrored in real-time or offline by the exoskeleton supporting the paretic arm.

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