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Case report

Communicating using the eyes without remembering it: Cognitive rehabilitation in a severely brain-injured patient with amnesia, tetraplegia and anarthria

Luigi Trojano, Pasquale Moretta, Anna Estraneo
DOI: 10.2340/16501977-0344


We describe here a case of cognitive rehabilitation in a young patient with closed head injury, who had dense anterograde amnesia and such disabling neurological defects (tetraplegia and anarthria) that the condition evoked some features of an incomplete locked-in syndrome. After a prolonged period of no communicative possibility, the patient underwent a specific training, based on principles of errorless learning, with the aim of using a computerized eye-tracker system.
Although, due to memory disturbances, the patient always denied ever having used the eye-tracker system, learned to use the computerized device and improved interaction with the environment. This favourable outcome may serve as a stimulus for devising new training approaches in patients with complex patterns of cognitive impairments, even when associated with severe motor impairments.

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