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Obituary: Hannu Alaranta

Gunnar Grimby
DOI: 10.2340/16501977-0246


Professor Hannu Alaranta, of Helsinki, Finland, a member of the Editorial Board and Editorial Committee of the Journal of Rehabilitation Medicine, died on 10 June 2008 after a relatively short period of illness. He was one of the most active and experienced members of the Editorial Board, which he joined in 1999. With his broad scientific and clinical background, he was able to contribute suggestions and ideas for improving the journal, as he demonstrated at Editorial Committee meetings and through giving advice during the continuous work of the Editorial Board. Hannu Alaranta had a modest way of expressing his views and we always liked to listen to and have discussions with him. He was a good friend to many physicians within Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine around Europe and the world. He was also a very good representative for Finland on our Editorial Board.

Hannu Alaranta became a specialist in Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine in 1980, took his doctorate degree in 1985 and was made a professor in 2006. From 1994 he was Chief Physician and Director at Käpylä Rehabilitation Centre, Finnish Association of People with Mobility Disabilities. During 1996–97 he was Medical Rehabilitation Director for the World Health Organization (WHO) in Croatia, Bosnian-Herzegovina and Former Yugoslav Territory. He was engaged in several associations and committees, in recent years especially for spinal cord injuries. He was particularly interested in studies of low back disorders and the rehabilitation of such patients, but also devoted his interest to spinal cord injuries and traumatic brain injuries. He also had an interest in sports medicine. In all of these fields he published a large number of scientific papers; in total 130 original papers in international peer-reviewed journals between 1971 and 2008, in addition to educational book chapters and reviews. He was an active author in the Journal of Rehabilitation Medicine (formerly the Scandinavian Journal of Rehabilitation Medicine) and published 20 scientific papers in this journal. He was also a very active reviewer for the journal.

We will remember Hannu as a very good friend and co-worker, scientist and clinician, and we will miss his company and his support for the journal.

Our thoughts go to his wife Raija and his children Antti and Tiina.

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