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Michaelson P, Michaelson M, Jaric S, Latash ML, Sjölander P, Djupsjöbacka M.
DOI: 10.2340/16501977-0148


As a result of a recent reanalysis of the data presented in this paper an important programming error was observed. In one section
of the paper, data on peak-to-peak amplitude of the centre of pressure trajectory (CoPpp) were analysed in response to selfinitiated
and unexpected perturbations of the standing balance (Fig. 2, Table III and the corresponding text). Unfortunately the
mediolateral peak-to-peak amplitude of the CoPpp was presented instead of the anterioposterior as stated in the paper. When the
anterioposterior peak-to-peak amplitude of the CoPpp was analysed, no statistically significant differences were found between
the patient and control groups. However, since there were significant discrepancies in the mediolateral peak-to-peak amplitude
of the CoPpp between patients with WAD and the other study groups, the conclusion that WAD is associated with an impaired
ability to maintain body postures during perturbations still seems reasonable. The finding that differences were observed in the
mediolateral but not the anterioposterior direction should be addressed in future studies.

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