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Long-term outcome in children of patients after stroke

Ingrid G. L. van de Port, Anne M.A.Visser-Meily, Marcel W. M. Post and Eline Lindeman
DOI: 10.2340/16501977-0109


Objective: To investigate the long-term effects on children of parental stroke, with respect to care-giving tasks, children’s behavioural problems and stress, and to study the relationship between stress and child, patient and partner characteristics.
Subjects: A total of 44 children (age range 10–21 years) were assessed 3 years after parental stroke.
Main measures: Behavioural problems were assessed with the Child Behaviour Check List and the Youth Self-Report. Stress was measured using the Dutch Stress Questionnaire for Children.
Results: Most children (66%) assisted their parent in self-care or mobility. Some of the children (31%) experienced behavioural problems. The results showed that 37. 5% of younger children show externalizing problems on the Child Behaviour Check List. Stress was significantly related to female gender of the child, and to depression, limitations in extended activities of daily living and life satisfaction of the patient.
Conclusion: Most children do well 3 years after parental stroke. However, some children of patients after stroke have behavioural problems and need attention in clinical practice.

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