Content » Vol 30, Issue 2

Sit-to-stand manoeuvre in hemiparetic patients before and after a 4-week rehabilitation programme

Hesse S, Schauer M, Petersen M, Jahnke M.
Klinik Berlin, Department of Neurological Rehabilitation, Free University, Germany
DOI: 10.1080/1650197798308386


The objective of the study was to document the sit-to-stand of 35 moderately affected hemiparetic patients before and after a 4-week inpatient rehabilitation programme and to investigate the influence of the side of hemiparesis and impaired proprioception on its outcome. The therapists trained the patients to distribute equal weight on both legs and to avoid lateral compensatory tilt of the trunk. The body weight distribution and the displacement of the centre of mass in the frontal plane were studied by assessment of triaxial ground reaction forces. Symmetrical weight acceptance and minimal lateral sway were not reached during the 4-week rehabilitation, with the exception of the patients with a left hemiparesis (n = 19) and no proprioceptive deficit (n = 18).

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