Content » Vol 30, Issue 2

We can cure your child's clumsiness! A review of intervention methods

Sigmundsson H, Pedersen AV, Whiting HT, Ingvaldsen RP
Department of Sport Sciences, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim, Norway
DOI: 10.1080/165019779830101106


Intervention procedures for treatment of clumsiness have come in many guises. We have looked at some of the most powerful methods put forward in the past 30 years--Perceptual-motor training (PMT), Sensory Integration Therapy (SIT), and some promising new approaches. Both the PMT and the SIT have been heavily criticised. It is hard to find support for the idea that the programmes improve academic skills or that they have more than a limited effect on perceptual-motor development as claimed. The more recently introduced Kinaesthetic training is shown to have an effect on general motor competence but that this may be better explained in terms of the general principles on which this training procedure lies rather than the influence on Kinaesthesis per se. Since other recent studies have also shown a dependence on similar general principles, it might be asked whether it is the teacher rather than the programmes that accounts for the differences shown between different intervention programmes.

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