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Questionnaire for usability evaluation of orthopaedic shoes: construction and reliability in patients with degenerative disorders of the foot

Michiel J. A. Jannink A1, Jaap de Vries A2, Roy E. Stewart A3, Johan W. Groothoff A3, Gustaaf J. Lankhorst A4
A1 Roessingh Research and Development Enschede
A2 Rehabilitation Centre "Het Roessingh" Enschede
A3 Department of Health Sciences/Northern Centre for Health Care Research University of Groningen
A4 Department of Rehabilitation Medicine VU Medical Centre Amsterdam The Netherlands

DOI: 10.1080/16501970410033569


Objective: To develop a self-report questionnaire for patients with degenerative disorders of the foot to evaluate the usability of their orthopaedic shoes, and to assess the reproducibility and responsiveness of the instrument. Design: Development of the Questionnaire for Usability Evaluation of orthopaedic shoes was based on a literature search, structured expert interviews and a ranking procedure. A cross-sectional study was carried out to determine the reproducibility and internal consistency of the questionnaire. Setting and subjects: The study population comprised 15 patients with degenerative disorders of the foot, who had worn their orthopaedic shoes for at least 3 years and 15 patients with degenerative disorders of the foot, who had never worn orthopaedic shoes, but would receive them within 1 month. Results: Within the questionnaire 4 effectiveness items (pain, instability, callus, wounds), 1 efficiency item (putting on and taking off shoes) and 7 satisfaction items (pinch, slip, weight of shoes, cold feet, perspiration, maintenance, cosmetic appearance) were developed. All items in the questionnaire met the test-retest criteria. The smallest real difference ranged from 0. 23 to 3. 82 cm on a Visual Analogue Scale (10 cm). Cronbach's alpha's for the domains of pain and instability ranged from 0. 70 to 0. 92. Conclusion: The Questionnaire for Usability Evaluation should provide a good rationale to assess the usability of orthopaedic shoes and can be considered reliable.

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