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Influence of foot pain on walking ability ofdiabetic patieNTS

Primoz Novak A1, Helena Burger A1, Crt Marincek A1, Duska Meh A1
A1 Institute for Rehabilitation Republic of Slovenia Ljubljana Slovenia

DOI: 10.1080/16501970410029816


Objective: To assess foot pain and its correlation with walking ability in diabetic patients. Subjects: Two groups of type 2 diabetic patients (30 with symptomatic neuropathy and 30 without symptomatic neuropathy) and 30 healthy volunteers were studied. Methods: Pain was assessed by the pain sub-scale of the Foot Function Index. Internal consistency for the pain sub-scale was tested. Walking ability was assessed by the 6-minute walking test. Results: The pain was worse in diabetic patients, the pain sub-scale scores differed between the groups (p < 0. 05). High internal consistency was found for the pain sub-scale of the Foot Function Index. Results of the 6-minute walking test differed among the 3 groups: healthy volunteers performed best, and diabetic patients with symptomatic neuropathy worst (p < 0. 001). Foot pain correlated moderately with the result of walking test (r = -0. 449, p < 0. 001). Conclusion: The pain sub-scale of the Foot Function Index is suitable for the assessment of pain in diabetic patients. Patients with severe foot pain have more difficulties when walking long distances than patients with less severe or without any pain.

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