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Vertical ground reaction force shape is associated with gait parameters, timed up and go, and functional reach in elderly females

Toshiaki Takahashi A1, Kenji Ishida A1, Daisuke Hirose A1, Yasunori Nagano A1, Kiyoto Okumiya A2, Masanori Nishinaga A2, Yoshinori Doi A2, Hiroshi Yamamoto A1
A1 Department of Orthopaedic Surgery Kochi Medical School Kochi Japan
A2 Department of Medicine and Geriatrics Kochi Medical School Kochi Japan

DOI: 10.1080/16501970310018297


Objective: The aim of this study was to evaluate the relationship between knee pain and various indicators of the combined performance of the lower extremity (including gait parameters, functional performance such as timed up and go, and functional reach test) and to determine whether the classification of vertical ground reaction forces correlates with gait parameters and functional performance. Subjects and Methods: Simultaneous analysis of gait, time-distance parameters and vertical ground reaction force. Timed up and go, and functional reach test were examined in 130 elderly women. The vertical component of the ground reaction force was grouped into 2 categories: M-shaped and non-M-shaped. Results: No significant association was found between knee pain and timed up and go, functional reach test, or gait parameters in elderly female participants. There were significant differences between subjects with M- and non-M-shaped vertical ground reaction forces with regard to timed up and go, functional reach test and Japan Orthopaedic Association score. There were also significant differences between the 2 groups (M shaped and non-M-shaped) in gait parameters. Conclusion: Evaluation of the vertical ground reaction force to determine its shape may be a useful and simple tool in the analysis of gait and functional performance.

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