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Prevalence of post-polio syndrome based on a cross-sectional survey in Kitakyushu, Japan

Jin Takemura A1, Satoru Saeki A2, Kenji Hachisuka A2, Keinosuke Aritome A2
A1 Departments of Rehabilitation Medicine Cosmos Hospital Usuki City Ohita Prefecture Japan
A2 University of Occupational and Environmental Health Kitakyushu City Fukuoka Prefecture Japan

DOI: 10.1080/16501970310017423


Objectives : To determine the number of polio survivors living in Kitakyushu, Japan, and the prevalence of post-polio syndrome. Design : Cross-sectional survey in Kitakyushu. Subjects/Patients : A total of 342 possible polio survivors were selected from the list of physically disabled persons' certificates administered by the Department of Health and Welfare, Kitakyushu City Government. Methods : A self-administered questionnaire concerning the diagnosis, paralysis, limitation in daily living, and use of adaptive devices was mailed to the 342 possible polio survivors. Results : By confirmation of the diagnosis, 241 of the 342 turned out to be polio survivors, and the number of polio survivors per population of 100,000 amounted to 24. 1. Of the polio survivors, 85% complained of new health problems such as difficulty in climbing stairs, muscle weakness, difficulty in walking, or fatigue. According to Halstead's criteria, 180 polio survivors suffered from post-polio syndrome, and the prevalence of post-polio syndrome in Kitakyushu was 18. 0 per population of 100,000. Conclusions : This survey revealed the number of polio survivors, and the prevalence of post-polio syndrome in Kitakyushu, Japan.

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