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Comparison of the Jamar dynamometer and the Martin vigorimeter for grip strength measurements in a healthy elderly population.

Desrosiers J, Hébert R, Bravo G, Dutil E.
Centre de recherche en gérontologie et gériatrie, Hôpital D'Youville, Sherbrooke, Canada.
DOI: 10.2340/165019779527137143


Grip strength is considered to be a good indicator of upper limb strength. The Jamar dynamometer and the Martin vigorimeter are two instruments frequently used to assess grip strength in clinical and research settings. The purpose of this study was to compare these instruments for assessing grip strength in 360 people aged 60 to 94 years, randomly selected from the electoral list. Anthropometric data were also collected. Data analyses were done using the maximum value on 3 trials with each instrument. Although the Martin vigorimeter is a pressure measure implying a dynamic movement as opposed to the static strength measure of the Jamar dynamometer, results indicate a very high correlation between the two measures. Grip strength measured by the Jamar dynamometer is even more dependent on hand anthropometry than measurements with the Martin vigorimeter.

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