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Original report

Group training in parkinsonism: quantitative measurements of treatment

Pedersen SW, Oberg B, Insulander A, Vretman M
Department of Clinical Neurophysiology and Neurology, University Hospital, Linköping, Sweden
DOI: 10.2340/165019779022207211


Ten patients with mild to moderate parkinsonism were tested before and after a 12-week training program. Strength was tested with simultaneous EMG registration in the ankle flexors at different angular velocities using a modified Cybex II equipment. Peak Torque (pT), Torque area (Ta) and Emg area (iEMGa) for the eccentric and concentric contractions were calculated. Quotients-q (Ta)/(iEMG) for evaluation of work per iEMG in concentric and eccentric contractions were calculated. Gait analysis and a questionnaire for evaluation of the functional level were also included. Mean peak torque values did not change with training. Concentric quotients-q between test one and control was significantly lower in 30 degrees/s and 120 degrees/s; eccentric quotient-q was significantly lower in the same velocities but between test 2 and control. No improvement in gait was found. Patient questionnaire ratings did not improve significantly though patients had an overall impression of a beneficial effect of physical therapy. No long term effect was found. The results showed with the measuring methods presented no consistent measurable effect from group training in Parkinson's disease.

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