Content » Vol 19, Issue 1

Treatment of Drop Foot Using an Implantable Peroneal Underknee Stimulator

P Strojnik, R Acimovic, E Vavken, V Simic, U Stanic
DOI: 10.2340/1650197787193743


An implantable peroneal stimulator has been developed to improve the rehabilitation of the drop foot patients who cannot use or refuse the use of conventionally applied peroneal braces. The small size promotes convenient attachment on the stimulation site after a minor surgical intervention. During the past two years twenty implants have been applied. The influence of different stimulation parameters upon the correction of anomalies during walking has been studied using clinical and computer-supported assessment. Possible noxious effects on the peroneal nerve have been studied by measuring nerve conduction velocity. The stimulator is well accepted by patients. Clinical observations show a significant correction of equinovarus and improved gait.

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