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Load on knee joint structures and muscular activity during lifting.

J Ekholm, R Nisell, U P Arborelius, C Hammerberg, G Németh
DOI: 10.2340/16501977841619


The load on the knee joints during lifting has been less studied than low back load. Healthy subjects lifted a 12. 8-kg box from floor to table-level in three different ways; 1) with straight knees, 2) with bent knees and the box in front of the knees, and 3) with bent knees and the box between the knees. The loading moment of force about the bilateral knee axis was calculated by means of a computerized static sagittal plane model. Electromyography was recorded from quadriceps and ischiocrural muscles. The beginning of the flexed-knee lifts caused a flexing loading knee moment of about 50 Nm and a knee angle of 90 degrees. Straight-knee lifts gave all through the lift an extending loading moment. During the final phase of all lifts there was an extending loading knee moment of about 55 Nm and a knee angle of 0 degrees. The three lifts were compared and discussed from a biomechanical and ergonomical point of view.

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