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A Follow-Up Examination of the Function of the Lower Extremity After Pelvic Tumour Extirpation Including the Acetabular Ring

E Olsson
DOI: 10.2340/1650197784161726


Gait, hip muscular function and clinical features were analysed in 5 patients with chondrosarcoma of the pelvis operated with removal of the tumour, including the acetabular ring. The lower extremity thus remained intact. The aim of this study was to compare the functional results with those obtained in a previous investigation two years earlier. The same tests were used, but more attention was focussed to the functional part and thus step length, gait velocity, and active range of motion were added. At both examinations none of the patients had pain. All performed surprisingly well as regards work and gait. Clinical and objective findings were, however, less impressive. There was a direct relationship between hip extension strength and weight bearing on the operated leg, gait velocity and maximal walking distance. Moreover, the extension strength was also related to the formation of a new acetabular roof and to the age the individual represented, with preference to the young. Compared with the previous examination, 2 patients had made remarkable progress, 2 were unchanged but still showed good results and one showed less good results.

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