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Original report

Knee disorders in carpet and floor layers and painters. Part II: Knee symptoms and patellofemoral indices

Kivimäki J, Riihimäki H, Hänninen K.
LEL Pension Fund, Helsinki, Finland.
DOI: 10.2340/16501977199426297101


One hundred and sixty-eight carpet and floor layers and 146 painters were examined with the aid of a questionnaire, clinical tests of the patellofemoral joint, a knee exertion test and measurements of patellofemoral indices. Carpet and floor layers reported previous knee conditions more frequently than painters. Patellofemoral tenderness was not related to occupation, patellofemoral indices or perceived knee conditions. On the contrary, pain in the knee exertion test of 50 squats was related to perceived knee injuries and pain on compression of the patella. Exertion test seems to be more accurate than traditional clinical tests in the screening of knee lesions.

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