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Original report

Factors interacting with perceived work-related complaints in the musculoskeletal system among home care service personnel. An explorative multivariate study

Gerdle B, Brulin C, Elert J, Granlund B.
Department of Physical Medicine, University of Umeå, Sweden
DOI: 10.2340/1650197719942625158


The interrelationships between reported complaints, certain sociodemographic data and ergonomic, physical and psychosocial aspects of the work-environment were investigated in a cross-sectional study of home care service personnel using a questionnaire. Ninety-seven out of 160 randomly selected women took part in pre-tests (presented here), post-tests and one year exercise program. Significant correlations existed between musculoskeletal complaints, other (somatic and psychosomatic) symptoms and anxiety/threat for differently, mainly work-related negative changes. The group of subjects could be divided into three subgroups. A "complaint group" was identified with a high prevalence of musculoskeletal and other somatic/psychosomatic symptoms. This group had the most negative ratings on the ergonomic and physical work-environment indices. A "young group" had the most negative perception of the psychosocial work-environment. The "healthy group" generally perceived the situation best. The present preliminary study could indicate that work-related interventions/rehabilitation programmes undertaken for the complaint group must be designed in another way and with other goals than those directed towards the other two identified groups.

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