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Original report

Cough assistance device for patients with glottis dysfunction and/or tracheostomy

Won Ah Choi, Jung Hyun Park, Dong Hyun Kim, Seong-Woong Kang
DOI: 10.2340/16501977-0948


Objective: To estimate the efficiency of a cough assistance device, the Cough Aid, in patients with weak respiratory muscles with bulbar palsy and/or tracheostomy. The Cough Aid is a device that has been developed to substitute for glottis function.
Design: Before-after trial.
Subjects/patients: A total of 74 patients with bulbar palsy and/or tracheostomy, as well as respiratory muscle weakness, were recruited.
Methods: Forced vital capacity, unassisted cough peak flow, lung insufflation capacity, and assisted cough peak flow were measured via tracheostomy or oronasal interface. Lung insufflation capacity and assisted cough peak flow were measured using the Cough Aid.
Results and conclusion: In all 74 subjects, lung insufflation capacities measured with the device were significantly higher than forced vital capacities (p < 0. 01). Assisted cough peak flows measured using the device were also significantly higher than unassisted cough peak flows (p < 0. 01). The Cough Aid is effective in helping to increase cough flow and assisting in the air stacking exercise by substituting the function of the glottis in patients who have glottis dysfunction or a tracheostomy tube.

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