NDA education committee

Tove Agner, Chair []

Laura Huilaja []

Sirkku Peltonen []

Bolli Bjarnason []

Eidi Christensen []

Oliver Seifert []


Future courses

3rd Global Dermatology Course, 6-7 October, Stockholm and 10-14 October, Addis Ababa

4th NDA course on Skin Surgery, 17-18 November 2016, Copenhagen


Previous courses

1st Nordic Course on Dermoscopy, April 7–8 2016 in Gothenburg
3rd NDA course on Skin Surgery August 28-29th 2015, Copenhagen
2nd NDA course on Skin Surgery February 5-6th 2015, Copenhagen
1st NDA course on Skin Surgery August 28-29th 2014, Copenhagen

National Nordic courses for residents*

No Subject Denmark Finland Norway Sweden
1 Eczema and psoriasis X X X X
2 Chronic inflammatory skin diseases and phototherapy X X
3 Phototherapy/ UV- testing and UV treatments X X
4 Allergology and immunology X X
5 Autoimmune diseases X
6 The acute patient X
7 The itching patient X
8 The geriatric patient and local treatment X
9 Leg ulcers X X
10 Occupational dermatology X X
11 Skin tumors (incl radiation-biology) X X X
12 Skin surgery X
13 Dermato-pathology X X X
14 STI X X X
15 Anogenital diseases X X
16 Dermatological mainifestation of general medical diseases X
17 Skin infections X X
18 Pediatric dermatology and lasers X
19 Gendermatoses X
20 Psycho-dermatology X X
21 HPV-infections X
22 Cutaneous lymphomas X
23 Health administration X
24 Medico-legal expertice work X
25 Biophysical measurements of the skin X
26 Oral & mucosal diseases X

*This overview is schematic. Some topics may be covered at meetings with another primary focus and title.

Joanna Wallengren, November 2013

NDA guidelines for course proposals