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From current issue: 8 (46)

Original report

Effectiveness of integrated multidisciplinary rehabilitation in primary brain cancer survivors in an Australian community cohort: A controlled clinical trial

Fary Khan, Bhasker Amatya, Kate Drummond, Mary Galea

Objective: To evaluate effectiveness of a multidisciplinary rehabilitation program for persons following definitive primary brain tumour treatment in a community cohort. Methods: The brain tumour (glioma) survivors (n = 106) were allocated either to the treatment group (n = 53) (intensive ambulatory multidisciplinary rehabilitation), or the waitlist control group (n  ...


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1 Effects of physiotherapy in patients with shoulder impingement syndrome: A systematic review of the literature
Thilo O. Kromer, Ulrike G. Tautenhahn, Rob A. de Bie, J. Bart Staal, Caroline H.G. Bastiaenen
Volume 41, Issue 11
2 Effects of deep and superficial heating in the management of frozen shoulder
May S. F. Leung, Gladys L.Y. Cheing
Volume 40, Issue 2
3 Abstracts: 16th European Congress of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine

Volume 40, Issue 47
4 Abstracts: Asian Oceania Conference of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine

Volume 40, Issue 46
5 Effect of manual therapy and stretching on neck muscle strength and mobility in chronic neck pain
Arja Häkkinen, Petri Salo, Ulla Tarvainen, Kaija Wiren and Jari Ylinen
Volume 39, Issue 7

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Original report
Motor imagery during movement activates the brain more than movement alone after stroke: A pilot study
Lucy Dodakian, Jill Campbell Stewart, Steven C. Cramer

Original report
Plantarflexion moment is a contributor to step length after-effect following walking on a split-belt treadmill in individuals with stroke and healthy individuals
Séléna Lauzière, Carole Miéville , Martina Betschart, Cyril Duclos, Rachid Aissaoui, Sylvie Nadeau

Original report
Functional performance, participation and autonomy after discharge from prosthetic rehabilitation: Barriers, facilitators and outcomes
Sacha van Twillert, Ilse Stuive , Jan H.B. Geertzen, Klaas Postema, Ant T. Lettinga

Original report
The impact of patient-healthcare provider discussions on enrollment in cardiovascular rehabilitation
Sanam Pourhabib, Amanda C. Kentner , Sherry L. Grace

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Topics: Functional assessment and intervention studies, clinical studies in various patient groups, methodology in physical and rehabilitation medicine, epidemiological studies on disabling conditions and reports on vocational and sociomedical aspects of rehabilitation.

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